Vision, Aims, Label

_Jazz has a home in churches as an integrative and intercultural musical language between new music and popular music.
_Jazz is the tangible expressivity of a way of living, jazz fans and jazz musicians alike have their own ecclesiastical place.
_The Gospel is sounded in the spirit of Jazz in words and music, and the jazz ministry is one fully valid expression of the church of Jesus Christ.

_The international communal label Blue Church notifies when jazz and church meet.
_Jazz musicians who have an interest in church and Christians who are jazz fans have a communal homepage as a virtual platform.
_ An international network is formed for mutual use, production and exchange of opportunities, knowledge and resources.
_A annual meeting is organized where artists, church communities and theologians working in the field of musical improvisation and liturgy present new music, celebrate liturgies together and exchange materials which reflect and document these efforts.
_In every city with a population greater than one hundred thousand in the German-speaking world, there is a jazz church dedicated exclusively to jazz ministry, and Jazz in all its varieties sounds as church music. Internationally there is one theological faculty position on each continent dedicated to jazz ministry.
_In regions where a jazz church is active, surrounding parishes should benefit through the enrichment of their own worship services.
_All members offer each other fair conditions in dealing with their own resources as well as the resources of others.

_Should not replace existing labels, but indicate the international nature of the network.
_Church is always blue in the sense of the vision, the word blue is never blue in a literal sense.
_The label can be used by anyone who joins the network and registers as a user on the homepage.
_The way in which the label and homepage are used decides whether the practical network will become a community of friends.

We, Uwe Steinmetz and Matthias Krieg, thank you for your interest and hope you will participate, whether virtually or in person, in the blue church now or in the future!
Please tell others about our network!


Matthias Krieg and Uwe Steinmetz