Johannes Landgren



JOHANNES LANDGREN was born in Lapponia (the north part of Sweden) in 1961. He began his studies at the School of Music and Musicology at the Gothenburg University in 1980. In 1985 he got his degree in Church Music, in 1987 he received his soloist diploma in organ repertoire and organ improvisation, in 1990 he finished his studies in choir pedagogy, and in May 1997 he presented his dissertation on Petr Eben´s organ music.

The recent years Landgren has been teaching at the Göteborg School of Music and Musicology (within Göteborg University). As organist and conductor he has toured in many countries in Europe and made a number of CD-recordings and broadcast recordings both in Sweden and abroad. At present he conducts postdoctoral research at the Faculty of Arts at Göteborg University, and is active as a freelance organist and conductor.

As a conductor and organist Johannes has toured around most of Europe, with great success. He has participated in many international competitions and festivals. A.o. he did win three prestigious awards in the Prague Days of Choral singing in 1994: His chamber choir ”Varbergs kammarkör” was awarded with the first prize in the chamber choir competition, the ”Grand Prix” for the entire competition and Johannes himself was awarded as the best conductor of the competition. He has, as conductor and organist, made recordings for radio and Television in Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Estonia. He has also made more than twenty CD recordings, including renaissance, baroque and contemporary music. The CD:s have achieved splendid reviews and one of the biggest newspapers in Sweden also awarded one of the CD:s the title ”recording of the year”. Together with, among others, Håkan Lewin Johannes has toured in most countries of Europe, in the USA and Russia and also made several TV- radio- and CD recordings. At present Johannes Landgren is conducting research at the faculty of fine, applied, and performing arts, Göteborg University. He is also professor of organ and organ improvisation at the School of Music and Drama as well as freelance musician.

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