Sultanov / Sarabski


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Rain Sultanov - soprano saxophone, Isfar Sarbaski - organ, piano

Concert program: CYCLE

CD / LP Release date 20.04.2018 Ozella Music produced by Dagobert Böhm

Very often while listening to music we think about something personal. We recall images from our past or present, sometimes illusions and dreams take shape of short moving pictures.  They can be vivid or not, black and white or have vague shape. When listening to music we reflect, contemplate and travel in time and space.

Often we ask ourselves eternal questions of existence, birth and death. These questions and perhaps, answers as the basis that fully explains Mind and Soul, emerged in Rain Sultanov's project "the Cycle". This is not a philosophical essay, it is rather a mental representation of global and supra-conscious vision of music as human history, as evolution of the Spirit.  It is believed that human life includes seven cycles  - from Embryo to Oblivion. However, "the Cycle" describes the full circle till rebirth of our soul and body  - "Reincarnation". Nine phases are nine cycles of life, oblivion and rebirth, they are the time to realize the existence, love, cognition of the world and self.

"The Cycle" is not just a music project. It is interesting due to its content. Three instruments which have not been used before in combination are magically merged in one theme. Organ, saxophone and piano. They are a perfect combination and harmony in space. Each instrument brings its own philosophy in. Organ - divinity, saxophone - emotions, piano - evolution.

Organ as the basis of life, given from above, reminds about faith. It acts as the peacemaker, wizard, which the listener recalls with a pounding heart.  It explains the reasons and calms down bursting expression of the saxophone. The saxophone, like the life itself, raises questions. Saxophone demonstrates phases, cycles, creating subtle improvisations on the theme of existence. Piano supports the saxophone. It is like a friend or companion that is always around, helps to understand and sometimes also questions. Unison of these three instruments is, probably, the best discovery made by Rain Sultanov.

"The Cycle" represents consequential phases of human genesis and evolution and explores various options of its development. Rain Sultanov describes emerging of spiritual society and rise of humankind to a higher level not as an utopia but reality that strives for self-expression. Life given to us as a form of perception has become "the Cycle" reborn in more sophisticated way.

Leyla Efendiyeva

Tags Organ & Jazz, Spiritual Jazz/Sacred Jazz, Modern Jazz