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Aagre is one of the leading saxophonists of Norway, playing tenor and soprano saxophone with an individual sound that builds on inspirations by such saxophonists as Dave Liebman and Wayne Shorter. She has studied saxophone and composition in Oslo, Birmingham, London, New York and Buenos Aires. Aagre was awarded the Norwegian Government scholarship for the year 2005/2006.[2]

Aagre released her first album Katalyze in 2004 with Frøy Aagre Offbeat, including Andreas Ulvo, Freddy Augdal and Roger Williamsen, and attracted notice throughout Europe, and soon found herself invited to perform at major festivals in Europe, North America and India. There after followed Countryside (2006) and Cycle of Silence (2010) both receiving great reviews. When attending the Banff Jazz Workshop in Canada, in 2005, Aagre started a collaboration with the Brisbane band Misinterprotato (now known as Trichotomy). This led to touring with the trio, including an appearance at Wangaratta Jazz Festival in 2009.[2][3]

Here is the liner notes for the latest album Frøy Aagre Electric: The name Frøy Aagre Electric refers to the new setup with Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, effects and bass synth as opposed to the previous setup of merely acoustic instruments. This album is divided into two parts; following is a description of part 1, the main section of the album (track 1–6). Part 2 is the three duo pieces at the end (track 7–9).

Whilst the previous album, "Cycle of Silence" explored the use of silence in music, this album goes in the opposite direction, exploring energy, vitality, rhythmic drive and musical playfulness.

The focus during the compositional process, the rehearsal period, recording session and the mixing process was to create musical momentum; by making the music constantly move and flow between different sections and contrasting moods, creating tension and relief by using various instrumentations, electronic sounds and dynamics. The focus during the recording session itself was to capture the electric live energy in the studio.

Whereas previous albums have been acoustic, melodic jazz with occasional hints of classical and world music, my change of musical preferences and the entry of electronic sounds have added influence from pop and electronica to the music. This album is groundbreaking and a game changer for me. Entering the world of electronic sounds has broadened my musical horizon and opened doors to new genres to mix and play with as part of my musical pallet, yet not being totally devoted to any.

I strive to maintain a balance between spontaneity and structure, bridging the gap between the composed and the improvised by making it part of the same overall form. As always I care a lot about the melodies, but this time in combination with a stronger focus on rhythmic drive. Choosing the right musicians for your music is important to make your music blossom and Andreas and Jonas have contributed tremendously to the musical expression of this album. I would also like to mention the wonderful guests who has lifted the music further and broadened the range of sounds.

The album itself is a journey, like snapshots of my life; "Berlin", composed in this thrilling city, one of my favourites in Europe and "City Lights" inspired by the urban pulse and uplifting energy of big capital cities. “Castle in the Air”, is written to Andreas Ulvo, my musical soul mate over the last 10 years, and was a tune that created spontaneous energetic moments in the recording studio. “Birds, Bees and Forest Trees” is inspired by a particularly beautiful walk in the woods, "Entanglement" is about the close relationships in life and the playful "African Wig", with African music influences recalls moments from my African tour. The album ends in quiet contemplation with three duo pieces, of which Youth and Loss 77 is heavily influenced in the aftermath of the national tragedy of 22 July 2011.

This is the inspiration behind the compositions, but I hope you make the music your own and connect it to your life and experiences.

Tags Spiritual Jazz/Sacred Jazz, Modern Jazz, Crossover