Dan Forshaw



Dan Forshaw is one of the charismatic jazz musicians on the UK scene. As a saxophonist Dan has studied in both London & New York and has been mentored by Branford Marsalis. Dan studied Theology, Music & Worship at LST, focusing on the theology of John Coltrane, in particular his 'A Love Supreme' album. Dan has worked extensively across the UK leading Jazz Services with the King / Cave Project and his own group at St. Paul's Cathedral, Ely Cathedral, Coventry Cathedral and the Greenbelt Festival. In 2015 Dan was approach by Methodist Central Hall Westminster to lead a Jazz Service focusing on a speech given by Revd Dr Martin Luther King to the Berlin Jazz Festival, (which Dan had featured on his 2013 album 'What if Rupert Murdoch liked Jazz?'). The event was such a stunning success that Dan recorded his latest album 'Jazz Vespers' which featured vocalists Juliet Kelly & Alison Beck, Tony Kofi (alto sax) and Revd Dr Malcolm Guite (poetry). In 2016 , Methodist Central Hall invited Dan to lead a regular bi-monthly Jazz Vespers service, more details at Dan continues to perform across the UK and Europe, teaches first study saxophone at the University of Cambridge and his own private practice.

Tags Swing, Spiritual Jazz/Sacred Jazz, Free Jazz, Modern Jazz, Bebop