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Birgitta Flick is a saxophonist and composer and lives in Berlin. She studied saxophone and Jazz at the Jazz-Institut Berlin (UdK) and the Royal College of Music, Stockholm. Current projects are 
her Berlin-based quartet and the 
German-Swedish-Finnish band
 Flickstick, with whom she won 
the 2012 Jazz Baltica Förderpreis.
 Ms. Flick’s other work includes 
playing in a duo with New York 
pianist Carol Liebowitz, the Nico
 Lohmann Quintet, and in drummer Sebastian Voegler’s Stockholm-based band Fluxmaschine and the German Women’s Jazz Orchestra.

In 2011-12 her research and composition project on traditional Swedish music was sponsored by the Elsa Neumann Scholarship of the Country of Berlin. The resulting suite for the Swedish singer Lina Nyberg, Silke Eberhard (bass clarinet), Nico Lohmann (alto saxophone, flute) and the Birgitta Flick Quartet was released in April 2016 by Double Moon Records. The quartet’s debut CD, “Yingying” was released in 2013 by Jazz thing Next Generation. Further CD productions include those with the Nico Lohmann quintet (“Merging Circles” in 2016 and “Miraculum” in 2013), amongst others, Fall 2017 will see the release of Flickstick’s new album by WismART.

Her concert tours have taken her to Sweden, the USA, Bahrain and the Middle East, and in winter 2014- 15, to New York for a three month stay including private studies with Connie Crothers.Festival concert appearances include Elbjazz in Hamburg, JazzBaltica, Jazzwoche Burghausen and Cairo Jazz Festival. Since 2013 Birgitta also contributes to the monthly Psalmton Jazz Pop Services at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche in Berlin – both as a performer, composer and coordinator. Since 2015 she also serves as the musical coordinator of the summer concert series „In Spirit“ at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis- Kirche.

In 2017 she received a scholarship of the City of Berlin to realize a new improvisation project together with Carol Liebowitz. After having spent a month in New York City in the fall of 2017 they recorded the music for their new album in the beginning of November 2017 at Octaven Studio! More information coming soon.

Birgitta teaches saxophone and improvisation in Berlin.

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Releases & publications:

as saxophonist/composer:
Birgitta Flick Quartet feat. Lina Nyberg Nico Lohmann Silke Eberhard “Dalarna“ (Double Moon Records)

„Den signade dag“ from „Dalarna“ on „Lira: Lyssna. Ljudspår till #3 2016“ (Lira, SE 2016)

Birgitta Flick Quartet “Yingying“ (Double Moon Records / “Jazz thing Next Generation“)

Flickstick “Hymn“ (WISMART)

as saxophonist:
Lewin-Landgren-Björänge Trio “It‘s Freedom“, live at Memorial Church, Berlin (EJK Records)
guest musician for the song “Verleih uns Frieden gnädiglich“

Nico Lohmann Quintett “Merging Circles“ (UNIT Records)

Nico Lohmann Quintett “Miraculum“ (UNIT Records)

Robert Keßler Go·ya “Yasmin“ (yvp music)

Christof Griese’s JayJayBeCe “20 Jahre JayJayBeCe“ (BIT)

Berliner Jugendjazzorchester “Berlin – Los Angeles“ (Phonector)

Guest Composition:
25 years JayJayBeCe – live at Schlot (Bellheim) (“Yingying“)

Music Engraving:
Andreas Schmidt “slow motion emotion“ (NRW)

Transcriptions for:
Musik für Saxophonquartett [Vol. 1] (BIT)

Article “Zur Macht des Augenblicks: Fünf Kompositionen und ihre Aufführungspraxis“ in cooperation with Dr. Hanno Depner, published in:
“Macht und Reflexion: Deutsches Jahrbuch Philosophie. Band 6“, Hastedt, H. (Hg.), Felix Meiner Verlag, Hamburg 2016

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