Ike Sturm- Jazz Mass

Composed and arranged by Ike Sturm, this work for voices, strings and jazz ensemble merges diverse musical languages into a powerfully unified aesthetic. Soaring melodies, dynamic rhythms and improvisations creatively portray the sacred text.

Soloists include Misty Ann Sturm, Loren Stillman, Ingrid Jensen, Ryan Ferreira, Adam Benjamin, Ike Sturm, Ted Poor and Grammy-nominated soloist Donny McCaslin.

The band will be traveling internationally to schools and churches, working with local choirs and orchestras and exploring the idea of community in music, culture and faith.


Misty Ann Sturm, voice

Loren Stillman, alto saxophone

Donny McCaslin, tenor saxophone

Ingrid Jensen, trumpet, flugelhorn

Adam Benjamin, piano, rhodes

Ryan Ferreira, guitar

Ike Sturm, basses

Ted Poor, drums

with choir and string orchestra

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