Kulturkirken Jakob


Jakob* Church of Culture is run by Kirkelig Kulturverksted (direct translation: «Church Cultural Workshop» - perhaps best known as a record label, but also a center for visual and performing arts in general). It was reopened as a cultural space in February 2000 to standing ovations from artists, actors and audience after more than fifteen years of lobbying, politics, fundraising and hard work.

The venue is truly one of kind, both in terms of atmosphere, acoustics and the world class technical facilities.

Jakob was built and used as a Lutheran parish church until 1985 and is still today a commisioned church space. The church currently functions as the only dedicated Church of Culture in Norway, hosting dance, theater and art performances, concerts, art exhibits and private events.

The church’s crypt is utilized for art exhibitions, smaller performances and events.

Jakob’s ambition is to demonstrate church spaces’ potential as cultural arenas and demonstrate the possibilities that may open up for churches who open their doors to the arts.

*: («Jakob» is the Norwegian rendering of the Apostle named St. James in English)

Hausmannsgatan 14